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LuxBlaster is an Arduino gizmo that detects and tracks the most intense light source then sends back an intense light in the same direction. Give that rude driver behind you a taste of his high beam. Please read the warning at the end of the video.

For detailed project instructions see:

UPDATE: I have received a few comments and emails expressing objection to the LuxBlaster on grounds that it's dangerous, despite my repeated warnings not to take it on the road. The DIY realm is full of dangerous projects not meant for real world use by their makers such as rail-guns, rockets, quadcopters that drop things, etc but are fun to build and learn from. Surly the 3W LED of the LuxBlaster is far less harmful when compared with high speed and exploding projectiles. Furthermore, a xenon auto headlight bulb produces 3000 lumens while a halogen auto bulb generates 1400 lumens. My 3W LED produces 200-230 lumens. So the real danger comes from the auto high beam not the 3W LED. As for commentators who feel they are justified in blasting us with their disorienting high beam because we "slow drivers" deserve it, I will not dignify this logic with a reply.

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